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The concentrated colored dye blocks listed below in block form are ample to color 15 lbs. of wax with an 1/2oz. Block for deep shades, or 20lbs. of wax for a medium shade. In addition we offer a line of fluorescent colors. These are not as strong as the regular colors. These colors "glow" under ultraviolet light. (be aware of companies that distribute dye chips, they are far less economical, our color blocks are concentrated and will go much farther). In a 1 pound package, you receive 32 color dye blocks and if you want to save even more, we sell slabs for $8.10 per lb.

Pigments ground in wax resist bleeding and are especially suited for cut and curled and/or sculptured candles. Be careful not to color whole core of candle as pigments may impair the burning process. These colors are usually used 1-2% but are sometimes used up to 5% for a very opaque effect. You can use a paint brush to paint outside surface of candle. Any of these colors may be mixed together to create an endless number of shades.

Our fragrances are specially formulated to be blended in wax and are very strong. We recommend that no more then one measuring teaspoon per pound of wax be used. A two pound bottle of candle fragrance, our minimum order, is enough for about 384 lbs. of wax. If you are curious about other fragrances or want to order more than two pounds please call, fax or email us for more info.."We recommend that for use in candles, that no more than 1% perfume oil be used. 1% is one measuring teaspoon per pound If you don't see what your looking for please call us and ask.

Please note that we are a manufacturer and not a distributor, Dyes and Pigments are a 1 pound minimum order and Fragrances a 2 pound minimum order.

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